Bailey’s Glen November Update 2016

Don’t Blink!  The Holidays are right around the corner, a fact that is inescapable if you venture into any store, of any kind, or turn on the TV or computer.

The housing market in the Charlotte area has cooled slightly but is still much better than the national average. PwC and the Urban Land Institute have just declared Charlotte one of the top 3 housing markets in the U.S. in terms of where people want to move.  There are still more buyers than homes for sale in our area but that is beginning to even out.

Here in Bailey’s Glen, there are 4 homes listed for resale. One, previously listed for sale, has expired and will be back active on the market by the time of this printing.  A sixth resale home will also soon be coming on the market.

In our sister community, The Forest, just up Bailey Road, the Plats are finally recorded, meaning the lots can be built on.  Nine lots are sold and construction will commence once applied for permits have been approved.

Elsewhere in the Glen, the Community Gardens are slated to be moved to their permanent location, just above upper Coulter Parkway, sometime this winter. There are no plans to move the construction trailer at this time.    Work is progressing rapidly on the undeveloped upper portion of our community. where sixteen lots have been released for sale and the balance will soon follow. Many of these lots have been presold and activity remains hot.

On Thanksgiving, and every other day, we all need to be thankful for our many blessings.  Two of the many things I am most thankful for are my home and friends here in Bailey’s Glen.

I am a real estate Broker and I Live, Work, and Play in Bailey’s Glen.  I can assist you with your real estate needs here and elsewhere in North Carolina.  If you are thinking of selling contact me for a complimentary, customized, comparative analysis of your home’s value.  Our home values have been going up consistently and you may be pleasantly surprised to find out your home’s today market value.

Until next month, I am living the dream here in Bailey’s Glen!



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