We are well into Autumn, temperatures are falling, and the days are getting shorter.  Speaking of shorter days do not forget the time change and to “fall back” an hour on November 6th.

The overall housing market in the Charlotte area remains mostly unchanged with only a slight slowdown in sales and prices remain steady. Here in Bailey’s Glen there are currently four resale homes on the market and soon to be another.   The builder/developer is working feverishly to ready the next 16 lots to be released of which 6 have been presold.  Work continues in our sister community, The Forest, just up the road, and 4 homes have been presold in that community.

Elsewhere in The Glen, our much loved or maligned (depending on your point of view) chickens have been relocated to a Church run Farm.  You may have noticed the blue lines on our streets and I am told this is AT&T Uverse being installed in our community.  Sources have it that once Uverse is in Google fiber may soon follow.  For those in the know, Google Fiber is the best and fastest internet provider available at this time.

I am a real estate Broker and I Live, Work, and Play in Bailey’s Glen.  I can assist you with your real estate needs here and elsewhere in North Carolina.  If you are thinking of selling contact me for a complimentary, customized, comparative analysis of your home’s value.  Our home values have been going up consistently and you may be pleasantly surprised to find out your home’s today market value.

Until next month, I am living the dream here in Bailey’s Glen!






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