Making a Difference!

Little Things can mean the most!

As written and read by Karen Spell  to the Corn Hole players at their February 26th event.

Dear Corn Hole Players:

A few weeks ago my neighbor, Nancy Williams and her out of town friends, attended a Corn Hole event here in Bailey’s Glen. One of the friends attending with Nancy was a man named Michael who has downs syndrome. The corn hole players that day encouraged Michael to join in the playing and  in Nancy’s words, “he had a ball”.  For days afterwords Nancy said he could speak of little else but what a good time he had had.  Even after Michael returned home he continued to regal everyone he spoke to about playing corn hole with the folks in Bailey’s Glen.  He could not wait to come back and visit Nancy and play again.

Michael’s condition has caused him many health challenges throughout the years and unfortunately shortly after returning home he received another setback, a stroke.  At time of this writing Michael is in a medically induced coma with a breathing tube.   Michael has overcome many health issues in his life and hopefully this one too will have a positive outcome.

Nancy was telling me and all her friends what a great time Michael had during his visit and how playing corn hole was a big highlight of that trip.  I just wanted all of you to know that your inclusion of Michael that day while it may not seem big to you was HUGE to Michael and gave him great happiness.

Sometimes we need to be reminded how small kindnesses can have such a big impact on someone else. Things like the above events make me proud to be a member of the Bailey’s Glen community

P.S.  Nancy was in attendance when I surprised the corn hole players at their event with this thank you message.  When I finished she told us  Michael had passed away the night before.  You may only get one chance to make a difference for someone, take it!!


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