What’s New in Bailey’s Glen?

Welcome to the inaugural addition of What’s New in Bailey’s Glen. Each month in this newsletter I will highlight the latest market update and other happenings in Bailey’s Glen.
Spring has sprung and the flowers are very much in evidence. The Friday night pool parties have started back up and warm water activities such as water aerobics and kayaking are just around the corner. It looks to be a busy spring/summer season so get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather.
As for the housing market, Bailey’s Glen is enjoying a robust selling season. There are approximately 40 homes contracted for or under construction at this time. There is one private home currently on the market and another under contract. The builder has one completed model home for sale. In 90-120 days additional lots will become available for sale located just above current Coulter Parkway homes. All single family homes have just experienced a price increase from the builder, good news for current residences. Some of the price increases were accompanied by inclusion of additional upgrades.
When completed Bailey’s Glen will have 371 single family homes and 132 condominiums. The condos are schedule to begin construction sometime in 2017. The condominium phase will include another swimming pool and an onsite restaurant.
Aside from houses there are numerous projects throughout the Glen in planning and various stages of construction. These projects include the woodworking shop, greenhouse and a gazebo which will be located behind and below upper Coulter Parkway alley, as well as relocation of the Community Gardens (after the current gardening season) to above Coulter Parkway . In addition, there will be a water feature just over the bridge on Meetinghouse Dr. and a gazebo and splash pad behind the clubhouse. Numerous pocket parks are also in different stages of completion throughout the community.
The Forest, just up Bailey Road, and affectionately known as Bailey’s Glen II, is slated to release the first set of 21 lots in the next 60-90 days and there is a waiting list of interested buyers. The Forest is proposed to include 173 front load (garages in front) homes, a club house and a pool when completed. The models for these homes are the same as the models for Bailey’s Glen.

Until next month,  see you in the Glen!


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