If you can answer yes to the questions below you should probably try to sell your home yourself or with limited assistance. But… if you answer even one of the questions no then you need a Real Estate professional to assist you with one of the largest financial transactions in your lifetime.

Do you know the low or no cost changes you can make to stage your home to achieve maximum buyer appeal?

If you are willing to spend a small amount of money do you know the changes you can make to your home that will give you the most bang for your buck to obtain the best sales price?

Are you available and do you want to field calls 24/7 from prospective buyers and other callers? Are you available at all times to show your home?

Who will screen the buyers before they come in your home?  Screening for things like their identity and financial ability to purchase your home?

Finding a buyer is only a small portion of how Realtors earn their commission and is actually the easiest part of the job. Assuming you find a buyer for your property without a Realtor, then what?

How do you know what your home is really worth and how can you defend that price to a potential buyer?

Who will write the contract when you have an offer? If the buyer or their agent writes the offer are your best interests considered? Will the party writing the contract know the applicable laws and what disclosures must be a part of the contract? Do you know?

Who will explain the terms of the contract and again will they be looking out for your best interests?

Who will make sure the time frames in  the contract are adhered to and do you understand the consequences for both the buyer and seller missing those deadlines?

Who will make sure the contingencies, if any, in the contract are met.?

Who will meet the appraiser if an appraisal is necessary? If the appraisal is not satisfactory who will prepare the data necessary to have the appraisal reviewed and possible revised?

Who will meet the inspector, if applicable? Do you know how to determine if an item cited in the inspection is your responsibility to repair under your contract?

Do you know how to prepare a net sheet to ascertain your bottom line if you accept an offer at a certain price and terms?

At the closing table who will be there with you to assist with any last minute items that come up?

Karen Spell    Helen Adams Realty     321-279-1384


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